Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Job Search Tip of the Day: Revisit your references...

Chances  are if you are job searching you have given some thought to who you might use as a reference.  You should have a list of 10 people and their detailed contact information to meet the requests of various employers.

You should have one reference per position from someone at the company you worked for, preferably a superior.  You should also have on hand a list of three relatives and three close friends with their detailed contact information.  If you have a teacher, clergy, vocational counselor or other professional that could serve as a reference gather and maintain their contact information as well. 

Contact all your references periodically to keep them apprised of you progress in finding a job and any changes in focus that you may make.  Update any changes in their contact information immediately. Consider asking some or all of your references for a letter of recommendation that you can have on hand to present to employers if called for an interview.  

Prepare and carry with you a Reference Page with three to five references listed below your name and contact information. This can be referenced when completing applications or provided to an employer if you obtain an impromptu interview.

References should not be provided without being asked for them UNLESS you have several that you can count on to be savvy enough to present the appropriate skills to the appropriate employers consistently.  It is preferable to be able to notify your references that they will be called (many people do not answer calls from unknown callers), the position for which you are applying, and the skills that you would like them to highlight.  

Sample Reference List

John B. Harding
123 Washington Avenue
Homewood, Illinois 12345
(123) 456-7890

Jan Miles, Operations Manager
Shorewood Manufacturing, Inc.
123 East Muncie Avenue
Shorewood, Illinois 12345
(123) 456-7890
Carl J. Walker, Director of Human Resources
Ace Hospital Supplies, Inc.
789 Tanaka Circle
Freeport, Illinois 12345
(111) 111-3333

William T. Gannon, Shop Supervisor
Rail Cars Express
900 Smithton Street
Seaside, California 12345
(111) 111-4444

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