Jun 09, 2014
I don't think it would shock my father to find that I am probably not much better a driver today than when he taught me to drive: First on a conversion van with “three on the tree,” then our huge woodsided station wagon. It started ...
Jul 31, 2014
Mary is a CAREER AND OCCUPATIONAL CONSULTANT who is masters-prepared and certified. She is a business owner with nearly 20 years of experience in Corporate Management, Career Assessment & Counseling and ...
Oct 16, 2012
I am just coming from a career fair, here in Delaware and saw or heard many of the scenarios outlined below. A few I added from other career fair experiences, but not many! This is no commentary on Delawareans or those ...
Oct 30, 2013
The Works. Published byMary Sherwood Sevinsky. Editor's note. This paper has been specially curated for articles that are practical and realistic for most job seekers and not ONLY recent grads and executives... If you are or ...
Feb 05, 2013
Are your goals realistic? This can be a career planner's biggest stumbling block. Try to take a step back and think objectively. This is an excellent time to consult someone you trust or an expert whom you can consult.

Feb 11, 2013
Often, unemployed job seekers set a long term goal of to "get a job." If you are employed and looking for work you may think your goal is to "find another job" or to "get a better job." A more definitive goal with clear cut time ...

Feb 25, 2013
Like any loss, a job loss often results in a feeling of grief. Inevitably you must mourn the loss of the job and all that it provided: Security, money, self-esteem, status, identity, etc. Having a concrete goal can help you through the ...

Feb 06, 2013
People often put off setting goals and assigning time frames because of some unknown factor or possibility. You can change your goals any time - it is easier to do if you know where you ARE and where you are GOING!
Feb 13, 2013
Often, unemployed job seekers set a long term goal of to "get a job." If you are employed and looking for work you may think your goal is to "find another job" or to "get a better job." A more definitive goal with clear cut time .

Feb 18, 2013
As you note the answers to some of these questions a career goal or path may begin to shape itself out of what might seem to be unrelated bits of information. If it doesn't immediately, it may with some thought. If not, consider ...

Feb 04, 2013
Not everyone has identifiable, attainable, and/or realistic goals. Certainly many folks just never get around to writing them down. But, this is imperative to have clear goals AND to write them down AND have time frames for ...

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PROS/Life-Works.Info Mary Sherwood Sevinsky Mary@Life-Works.Info 

I look forward to assisting you! 

Thank you for considering me! Many potential clients ask for additional information before 
making a decision about hiring a coach. Here is a short list of what you can expect from 
working with me (resume information follows Career coaching): 

As a Master’s prepared Vocational Counselor, I work with clients all over the country via 
telephone and internet to aid them in identifying career goals and making a plan for 
achieving them! I work with my clients to identify skills, interests, abilities as well as 
realistic job goals considering a specific current labor market. Often, mine is more of a 
support role and/or sounding board. 

Frequently, our working relationship will start with something concrete and meaningful. I 
find that just by developing or modifying a Resume, LinkedIn Profile or CV an important 
dialogue is begun that will help many of my clients feel more confident about their skills and 
identify goals for their future in work. Always, I am mindful of time and cost. I am happy to 
discuss alternative or flat rated packages. 

We can spend some time during an introductory chat on the phone, Skype or however you 
would like to communicate. 

Need to talk? Chat, Email, Skype, Hangout: 
 Click here for email 
 Phone 410.444.1989 
 Google Hangouts 
 Live Person Chat - 3 minutes free 
 Skype Mary.E.Sherwood 

Need help with your LinkedIn Profile? Here’s mine: 

Here are some samples: 

Need help with your resume? 

I work with clients just like you all over the world via telephone and internet to help 
rebuild your resume and your image by ensuring the skills and abilities employers are 
looking for are highlighted as well as your achievements! I will also change the 
formatting, which is very easy to change if you don't like anything or if you would prefer 
something specifically. Here are some resume samples for you to review – keep in mind I 
don’t use templates and in 
the end abide by the clients preference: Résumé Samples 

It may take a few emails, phone calls or video sessions and a couple of drafts to get it just 
right! After we are satisfied I will send to my assistant to review for consistency, 
grammar, etc… Both PDF and Word documents are provided. I invoice half the total cost 
upfront so 
we both know what we are working on together and cost is not so much of a concern! 

I look forward to assisting you!  

PROS/Life-Works.Info Mary Sherwood Sevinsky Mary@Life-Works.Info 

Mary Sherwood, MS, CDMS, CCM 
Career Expert and Author Landline
302.644.1827 | Mobile: 410.444.1989

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