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Many experts talk about how to answer interview questions and, a few, how to dress or write a thank you note. But, if you haven't interviewed for a while (or ever), you may want to make sure you have the very basics of ...
Jul 31, 2014
Mary is a CAREER AND OCCUPATIONAL CONSULTANT who is masters-prepared and certified. She is a business owner with nearly 20 years of experience in Corporate Management, Career Assessment & Counseling and ...
Jul 29, 2014
Injured Worker Help Desk: VOCATIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER MARYLAND & DELAWARE: Professional, Rehab, & Occupational Services Mary Sherwood Sevinsky, MS, CCM, CDMS I wanted to take a moment to update ...
Jul 16, 2014
When you are sitting home alone, unemployed, it is easy to lose perspective and confidence. Like the miner below, you might be tempted to throw up your hands and just give up. Here are some great tips for recovering your ...
Aug 23, 2012
It is important to organize your efforts and cover all your bases in job search - even more so than when you were working! There is nothing worse than finding out about the perfect job AFTER it has been filled by someone else.

Nov 12, 2012
If you have been unemployed and are not being successful, you may be missing one or more steps you must take to to find a job. You are not alone, many of the un-employed and under-employed are missing job search ...

Dec 04, 2012
Looking for work is hard! You can make it a lot easier by using an online job search system like the Lifeworks Fresh Transition Platform. Even if you do, you have other things you need to organize and pay attention to.

Nov 06, 2012
I started out my work day yesterday (Monday) much as most people do. I checked my calendar - everything was good there. I had one appointment for which I was already prepared. So far so good! Then I checked my e-mail, ...

Oct 18, 2012
Take a step back from your job search and think about what you do or have done well. When have you succeeded most? What have you or do you enjoy most? What is something you need to work on? Or, something that you ...

Jan 11, 2013
I am going to be writing a future post with some thoughts on how an ordinary job seeker could use curating tools, but, today I wanted to show you what they look like. There are tons of options out the... The Undercover ...

Oct 09, 2012
It is good to review your résumé regularly if you already have one. If you are still working on one, then these tips should also help you! As you look for work you are also learning what employers are looking for from job ...

Jul 26, 2012
Injured Worker Help Desk: How to Follow Up On a Job Application: How to Follow Up On a Job Application - Posted by Life-Works at 3:56 PM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook .

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