Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to get promoted
I just had a question from a gentleman who got a job offer and would like some guidance on how to position himself for a
promotion to a specific position of interest in his company. I wish more workers were thinking along this line - it would open up a lot more jobs for those looking for work!

Here are a few quick tips I provided him to make sure he is in competition for the position of his dreams:

  • Research the job for which you would like to apply or strive toward 
  • Get a detailed job description 
  • Schedule an informational interview with someone doing this job to find out more how to prepare 
  • Research any training programs and interview other attendees or read reviews 
  • Evaluate what you need to compete for the job(s) Plan out what you need to do to achieve these skills, qualifications or abilities 
  • Map out time frames to complete the small goals 
  •  Actually write down all of these goals and review weekly or monthly to see where you are in working toward your goals! 
More information is available on my blog, these article might be of interest: 
Jul 31, 2012
In addition to reading something about your industry I also recommend that you read about job searching or career planning. If you are unemployed, set aside an hour a day for reading career planning or industry related ...
Sep 14, 2012
The approach I have been taking it to post "Job Tips" which has really worked out great. The site has really fleshed out and there is some good, helpful content to help guide you in your job search and career planning efforts.
Feb 04, 2013
REQUEST A FREE CAREER PLANNING TOOL. The definition of success is as unique as you are. Think of your success definition as a destination. Typically we don't get in the car and drive around (unless that is the goal).
Dec 08, 2012
Each article will highlight a meaningful ideal that I feel can be related to either the Celebration of Hanukkah or career planning and job search. I will kindle one light on the menorah by sharing the titles of each article theme or ...

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