Friday, March 29, 2013


Here are some great career posts I shared from great Career Experts this week:

Create And Nurture Your Network Before You Need It -

5 Tips For Effective Phone Networking

How To Find An Out-Of-State Job

 Job Search for the Rest of Us!: YOU SHOULDN'T WAIT

@JTODonnell 5 Things Recruiters Expect on a LinkedIn Profile
 Randstad Canada originally shared this post to Career+ Connections (Job Search):
This is a great example of what real #networking is! (HINT: It’s not collecting business cards.)
This is a great example of what real #networking is! (HINT: It’s not collecting business cards.)

Ed Han originally shared this post:My LinkedIn tip for the day: are your status updates consistent with your branding?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Before you begin job searching on LinkedIn, be sure your PROFILE is as complete as possible and that it clearly communicates your skills, brand, and credentials.  Do as much as you can on your own, then ask colleagues or trusted business associates to review for their input.  Next, seriously consider hiring a career expert who can very often bring your PROFILE to an entirely higher level.  Most clients indicate it is well worth the time and limited cost it takes to polish up your online presence in this pivotal site. 

Once you are satisfied that your PROFILE you can click on the JOBS tab to begin delving into all that LinkedIn has to offer.  A simple search field will appear - click on an advanced search just below that.  You will notice that you are given a lot more options by selecting this search method.  Also, note that you cannot include salary as a parameter unless you are a premium member.  This might be well worth considering, especially if you are currently working and seeking a better opportunity. 

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