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If you have been out of the job hunt for a while you may find using online search engines, like CareerBuilder, befuddling. If you know how to start, you will find it is not so bad.  CareerBuilder is easy to use and similar to others you may find out there. 


In your internet browser address bar enter www.careerbuilder.com and click on
Find Jobs then Advanced Search.  You will see the following fields which you can type in or leave blank.

·         Keywords Here you can type the job you are looking for or any other quality you are interested in searching.  For example, if you are Bilingual and interested in finding the most Bilingual jobs available, enter this into the keywords box.  Use the briefest word, phrase or partial words as possible.  If you are looking for a management position you might type in manage so that openings with manage, manager, and management will come up.  This will give you more, rather than less jobs.

·         Use     This dropdown allows you to search on all keywords or any.  So, if you want to search for studio photographer you would type words in the keywords box and select “All of these words.” If you were looking for any photographer or studio jobs you would change this field to “Any of these words.”

·         Location(s) (enter up to 3) Zip code is easiest, but you can also enter city, state in these fields

·         Include Jobs Within               of your location(s) Unless you have a genuine limitation, I recommend that you keep this at 30 miles or more.  Keep in mind that sometimes employers use their main address and not only the address for the location(s) they are hiring for.

·         Include Jobs Posted Within          For your initial search I would keep this at 30 days.  Once you establish a regular routine you can select 3 days or 7 days.

·         Industries                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Again, you will initially want to leave this blank, once you become accustomed to the search engine and types of jobs that are provided you will know better what industries would be most useful to select.

·         Job Categories (select up to 3)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Again, you will initially want to leave this blank, once you become accustomed to the search engine and types of jobs that are provided you will know better what job categories would be most useful to select.

·         Degree             Include all lower degrees  This field can be useful for narrowing down the level of jobs you are looking for and what openings are found for you to review.  If you want more leads check the “include all lower degrees” box.  If you want less, check it.  As always, it is fine to leave it blank.

·         Employment Type
 Full time Contractor Part time Intern Seasonal/Temp  Select the type of job you are looking for by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes.  The more that are checked, the more leads you will get back.  Conversely, if you check only one box, you will get fewer leads back.

·         Salary Range                             to                               This can be a useful field to search for a certain level of position.  I usually recommend you leave this blank as many employers do not provide wages or may be willing to pay an ideal candidate more than they have listed.

These next three fields allow you to enter words that you don’t want listings including.  This can be handy to limit receiving listings for undesirable jobs or companies. If you are looking for a transportation manager position and you keep getting truck driver jobs, you might try typing “truck driver” into the “Exclude Job Title” field.  Be careful – if you type “truck driver” into the “Exclude Keywords” field you may not get any transportation manager results!

·         Exclude Keywords
·         Exclude Job Title
·         Exclude Company

Similarly, these check boxes can be handy to whittle down the number of extraneous leads returned. Check whichever descriptor you DON’T want the search engine to include.

·          Exclude national and regional jobs Exclude non-traditional jobs Exclude jobs without salary posted


There is, of course a lot more you can do with online search engines - explore on your own or check back for additional tips on how to use them!

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