Monday, March 4, 2013


A Simple Job Search Schedule
Sunday:  Review and apply to job listings online and/or in classifieds (If your local paper comes out on a different day, start this schedule from that day and change the below days accordingly…).  

Monday:  Call those ads that request a call and obtain directions/additional information for ads asking to apply in person.

Tuesday: Apply in person, return calls of employers who called, attend any job development / training meetings, review job seeking skills material online/participate in groups.

Wednesday:  Cold calls and practice interviewing, other job search skills training
Thursday:  follow up calls with any outstanding employers, job service,. job search from previous week.

Friday:  Networking – call friends and identify employers who are hiring.  Call and follow up with Staffing agencies registered with.

Don’t forget to touch base with your career expert as needed and check jobs through the job service and staffing agencies AT LEAST weekly.  Often these agencies have at least a few listings that are not advertised elsewhere.

Work on your computer skills daily (one hour per day is a good goal):
Keyboarding: OR    
Microsoft Office:  OR   

What kind of job search schedule have you developed?  What works for you?  Let me know by commenting below or email me                                   

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