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If you are new to job search or have been out of the job hunt for a while you may find using online search engines, like Indeed.com befuddling. If you know how to start, you will find it is not so bad. Indeed.com is easy to use and similar to others you may find out there. 

Indeed has a slight advantage over some of the other search engines as it searches jobs posted on other sites, including directly on employer’s websites.

In your internet browser address bar enter www.indeed.com for a quick search, do the following:

In the “what” field you can type the job you are looking for or any other quality you are interested in searching.  For example, if you are Bilingual and interested in finding the most Bilingual jobs available, enter this into the keywords box.  Use the briefest word, phrase or partial words as possible.  If you are looking for a management position you might type in manage so that openings with manage, manager, and management will come up.  This will give you more, rather than less jobs.

What   Where 
 job title, keywords or company name                  city, state or zip code      Advanced Job Search

In the "where" field using a zip code is easiest, but you can also enter city, state in these fields.


For more options, click Advanced Job Search below the Find Jobs Button on the home screen of Indeed.com .  You will see the following fields which you can type in or leave blank.

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Find Jobs
With all of these words
This field allows you to search on all keywords or any.  So, if you want to search for studio photographer you would type words in the keywords box and select “All of these words.” If you were looking for any photographer or studio jobs you would change this field to “Any of these words.”
With the exact phrase
 Entering information in this field allows you to search for specific words in a specific order without other words or characters in between.  This can really limit your search results, so if you don’t get a good number of leads returned, you might want to reconsider entering anything into this box.
With at least one of these words
This field will allow you to search for multiple job titles or descriptors that may mean the same thing or all the positions you are searching for, even though they are quite different.  For example, you may search for project manager, construction manager, manager, or facility manager (four titles) by entering into this field manager construction project facility.  This will also return results for lower level positions, though.
With none of these words
Entering information here will allow you to enter words that you don’t want listings including.  This can be handy to limit receiving listings for undesirable jobs or companies. If you are looking for a transportation manager position and you keep getting truck driver jobs, you might try typing “truck driver” this field
With these words in the title
 If you used the search example in the field “With at least one of these words”  (two fields above) you could avoid getting listings for lower level positions by entering the word manager into this field as well. You can use this field on its own to search for very specific jobs you might have in mind.
From this company
 Enter a company name here to search for job openings specific only to that employer.

Job Searching? Submit your resume for a free review!

Show jobs of type                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Select the type of job you are looking for by clicking on the desired type.  Full time, Part time, Temporary, Contractual, etc.

Show jobs from
 Choose where you would indeed to search for jobs – job boards only, both job boards and employers or only employers?

 Exclude staffing agencies     Check this box to exclude staffing agencies – I don’t recommend this as staffing agencies can offer job openings and networking opportunities you might not other wise find!

Salary estimate
 per year   This can be a useful field to search for a certain level of position.  I usually recommend you leave this blank as many employers do not provide wages or may be willing to pay an ideal candidate more than they have listed.

Where and When Location             
   of  (city, state, or zip)  Use the drop down box to indicate how many miles around a specific location you would like to search for work.  

 Age - Jobs published                          
  Select the “age” of the jobs you want to view – last 3, 7, 15 days, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Display                                                                                                                                                                                                                 results per page, sorted by            Here you can choose to limit how many openings are displayed on a page and in what order (date versus relevance).


There is, of course a lot more you can do with online search engines - explore on your own or check back for additional tips on how to use them

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