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Need help with your resume? Here are some samples

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Career Expert and Author with nearly 20 years of experience in résumé writing, personal branding, career assessment and counseling. 

It is a big step to pay someone to develop a résumé – thank you for considering me! You may already have a résumé and had a friend/ mother/ ex-boss/ or someone else you trust help you with it.  Your last document may have even been good enough to get you your current or most recent job. However, your current résumé may not be competitive in today’s labor market. Today's job market is very competitive - give yourself the edge you need to get the offer you want!  
You may not have even needed a résumé at all until now.  If that is the case, download this free worksheet to provide me with some of the information I need to make a résumé for you. Don’t worry if you can’t fill in every blank – just do your best and provide any information appropriate to your particular situation.

Whether or not you do or don’t already have a résumé the free worksheet may be helpful for you to use. Regardless, I will work with you to synthesize and highlight your unique skills and abilities to obtain interviews for the positions you want with the employers you want to notice you.

The Process:
Building a résumé is a lot more complicated than sending a work history to someone.  A good résumé writer will take into consideration other factors as well!  Some of these factors include:

Job (or other) Goal
Format matching profession
Type of submission such as online or paper

Initially, I will review your existing resume or information that you provide. I will need to know a little about the type(s) of position(s) you are seeking and how best you like to communicate.  I will develop a draft for your review and input and will continue to modify it as we discuss your preferences and personal style until you are 100% satisfied.

No two résumés, even with similar work histories should look the same!  A well written résumé reflects the person and their goals and cannot be used for anyone else. You are unique - your résumé should be as well!

  • Résumés and Cover Letters are prepared expressly for the individual and representing their unique style, background and career goals.  No two effective résumés will be alike, even given similar backgrounds.  Make yours as exceptional as you are. These sample résumés reflect the personalized style, background and goals of the job seeker who requested them, but may give you some ideas of formatting you might like to include in yours. If you don’t have a résumé download and complete this free worksheet and email it to me.
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Applications Assistance
  • Career Change and Management  Advice
  • Job Seeking Skills Training
  • Job Search Assistance 
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Lewes Job Search Meetup Mixer


A Free group for job seekers and career planners to network, get information, resources, and help! 
Let's try Mondays at 10:30 weeks 1 -3 for a while and see how that works! The 4th week will be Thursdays at Arenas at 4:30.  The meeting, advice, resources, and information are all truly free - my way of giving back to the community. 
We hope to see you there - Email questions, thoughts or concerns ahead of time if you like! Don't forget to take advantage of the free resources on my website and blog:
In the meantime - let's connect!
Take Care and Talk to You Soon!
Mary Sherwood, MS, CDMS, CCM
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