Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Practical tips for getting started using LinkedIn

 LinkedIn can seem mysterious or even  daunting when you first start using it - there are a lot of features that you can use to your benefit.  But, if you have just created your profile or  are revisiting LinkedIn after initially setting up a profile you never revisited, you may be thinking what now?  (If you need help creating or optimizing your LinkedIn account, let me know!)

 To get started you don't need to use every feature or spend hours everyday on LinkedIn. A few minutes each day will result in staying more current and more connected without too much trouble  Here is some basic info on how to use LinkedIn:

To benefit from LinkedIn you will really need to start being more active and share information frequently – even if it is just sharing something someone else posts.  I always make sure to post lots of stuff my clients can share with their “connections” just to stay on their radar; it also helps attract new contacts as they find you via your similar posts.

For example,
you might share an article on career management from me to one
of your connections, who in turn may share it
That second  person may be someone who 
has an interest in managing his or her career
and would like to do business with you
but only found you via me, who has nothing to do with your industry!

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