Friday, August 10, 2012

Job Search Tip of the Day: Make a list of everyone you know

I often ask my clients to do this when I first start working with them... I am often met with resistance! It usually takes a couple of sessions and some nagging for job seekers to understand how important this step is in finding a job!

Save yourself the trouble - just make a list of everyone you know.  It might take a couple of days of walking around with the list so that you can write everyone down, but that is ok.  If you have a contact management program or address book, even better!

This list will be your anchor in weeks to come.  Some people you know will be a help to you by supporting you emotionally.  Others, may know someone who knows someone who may be interested in hiring you.  Still others will be able to serve as a reference. For now, just make the list or access it if already done.

Once your list is done add all the contact information you have/know for each person.  Review the list and determine how each person might help you and label them accordingly.  For those that you have labelled fill in the missing contact information.

Set aside a couple of hours one day a week to network with those people on your list that you feel might:

  • Work somewhere you would be interested in working
  • Know a lot of people 
  • Be active in groups - civic, business and industry, non-profits, etc
  • Respect enough to consult for advice on how to conduct your job search

Go out of your way to stay in touch with and even (gasp!) enlist support from those on your list that are:

  • Positive and Upbeat
  • Caring and Supportive by nature
  • Have recently been out of work or helped another who was unemployed
  • likable - just hearing their voice might be a pick me up 

It is easy to lose touch with people on your best day.  When you are out of work and not feeling at the top of your game it is very difficult to reach out to others and even harder to ask for help.  BUT, it is crucial that you work to do so - it will keep you sane and help you find your next job!

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