Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Job search tip of the day: map out your ideal work day

Whether you Considering a career change or looking to change employment, your first step should be to think about how you want your work day to be.  As adults, we spend at least a third of our day working. Get few of us give much thought to planning our careers.

Most often, myself included, we have just kind of "lucked into" this or that job or career.  What's more, once in a position, we often count ourselves lucky to be among the employed. We don't have it so bad...

If you are reading this it is likely that you are at least wondering what else might be out there. If you are unemployed you might be tempted to disregard this article entirely.  DON'T.

You will be far more successful in your job search if you know what you want and are eager to pursue it.  Without a focus of some sort, you will be more likely to miss out on opportunities for pursuing what could be your dream job.

Stop what you are doing now and jot a few notes about what you would like your workday to be like.  Would you prefer to work:

Days or nights
In an office or at home
For a large corporations or a small business
Alone or as part of a team
On the phone or in the field
With people things or information
Getting your hands dirty or dressing up every day
At a predetermined rate or sky's the limit commission
In a position of responsibility or following directions

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself to begin planning a satisfying career. Not down even more ideas as you come across jobs that pique your interest. Once you have a focus don't be afraid to look beyond what you are currently searching for and assess what opportunities make sense given where you want to go.

It's your journey.  Why not make the most of it?

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