Monday, August 27, 2012

Job search tip of the day: Meet someone new

Meet someone new - don't just introduce yourself and move on.  This strategy will do little or nothing to further your cause.  What is your cause?  To meet someone new AND step away with each of you knowing at least your full name and a little something about who you are.

To illustrate:  My husband and I were at an event for a business celebrating their first year anniversary.  He said to me, "George is here."  At a loss, I asked, "George who?"  No answer.  "Will I recognize him?" and from my husband, "Yes."

I looked over his shoulder, "Oh, that guy!"  I recognized him as someone we run into throughout the region, but whom we only know as George.  A friend came up and greeted us.  "Hey, did you see that guy George is here?"

Will filled him in on our cavernous knowledge of him and our friend agreed, "I see him everywhere, too. He is in sales or marketing or something and tries to glad hand himself around.  You know to get contacts."

Before we knew it, George himself walked over greeted me warmly and shook my hand.  He proceeded to chat up my two male companions on his way to the men's room.  Are knowledge was not increased by this exchange and he will continue to be known to us all as That-Guy-George.

Don't be That-Guy-George!  Go out of your way to meet and get to know someone today.  If you can do this every day, so much the better.  Meeting someone knew can do a few things to help you in your job search:
  1. Give you something else to think about besides your job search.
  2. Stimulate your brain 
  3. Keep your social skills fresh
  4. It may give you the opportunity to help him or her with an issue he or she may have
  5. It may be that this person can help you in your job search or with another issue
  6. Help you feel connected
  7. Give you something else to talk about besides your job search, "Guess who I met..."

For ideas on how to meet other people see my other articles on volunteering, taking a walk, networking and others.  Here is a short list to get you started:

Aug 24, 2012
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Aug 10, 2012
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