Monday, September 10, 2012

Job Search Tip of the Day Stay Positive

It may be difficult to have a positive view if you have been out of work.  Many job seekers get caught up in focusing on their hardships and difficulties and can eventually just adopt a persona of negativity that puts off those around them.  Unfortunately, this pushes people away and reinforces the negativity!

Sometimes you need to "fake it til you make it," as the saying goes.  In order to break the negative cycle, you might need to go through the motions of being positive or appearing happy.  Not convinced?  Get up right now and go look in the nearest mirror. What do you see?  Would you engage this person?  Smile? Nod?

If you are like many of the un- and under-employed the answers will likely all be negative.  If you want a job you have to stay positive.  Make it a habit at home when no one is around and force yourself to focus on every positive thing you can. 

Your spouse and your children will be the first to notice (unless you have a dog or a cat at home - they aren't immune to the impact of a negative attitude!).  You will get immediate positive social feedback from them without a doubt.  

Those you speak with on the phone can tell if you are smiling or not.  Smile until you feel happier. When you are more positive you will notice more opportunities.  Force yourself to be more positive.  You will do a better job on applications and resume submissions if you are really positive about the prospect.  Be positive!

This will only be the start of your upward swing.  Keep at it.  Your life won't change overnight, but it will be noticeably changed if you can take this one step.

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