Monday, September 24, 2012

How to handle disappointment of a non-job offer

You have been putting your heart and soul into a proactive job search - check.
Telephone, interview and second interview completed - check.
Thank you notes sent - check.
Waiting for THE CALL that will notify you that you are being offered the job - check.

THE CALL comes and the caller id shows that the caller is THE EMPLOYER from whom you are awaiting an offer.  You slow your heart and answer the phone with a gulp and a smile.  SLOWLY you begin to follow the caller's words and your entire body sags into a nearby chair.

"It was a difficult decision.  You are an excellent candidate. Thank you for your interest.  UNFORTUNATELY we have decided to offer the job to ANOTHER CANDIDATE....."

There are few words that you can say or can be said to assuage the disappointment of a non-job offer. 

FORTUNATELY there are a few things you CAN DO after your heart sinks back out of your throat and you begin breathing again:

  1. Thank the caller immediately - employers don't always notify those that are not hired.
  2. Ask for feedback - this is difficult, but can make all the difference in your next opportunity.
  3. Get back on the horse - if you have laid back on your job search hoping for this offer regroup and restart!
  4. Seek out people, things, and activities that will bolster you and help salve your self-esteem. 
  5. After a little time has passed assess the opportunity and non-job offer.  If there was something you could have changed make note and learn from it.  If not, move on to your next opportunity. 
In the end, it is important to do what you can and let what you can't control go.  Equally important is that you understand you OWN YOUR EMOTIONS.  Feel them, understand them, and put them in their proper perspective.  It may be hard, but it is possible to handle the disappointment of a non-job offer! 

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