Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Mission September 17, 2012

We all talk a lot about a positive attitude and looking forward and setting goals.  But, how much are you missing by looking past this moment and always to the future?

You may be missing out on more than a future memory, you may be missing out on an opportunity as well. Life is about having a balance and consciously choosing the path that will give you the best future, but also the best present and past possible.

No small order! You will have a better chance at living every moment to it's fullest if you do a few simple things:

  1. Set goals that are not only career oriented.  For example, also plan out leisure time goals, exercise/health goals, and relationship goals.  Use Short-, Mid-, and Long-term time frames and review your goals at least weekly.
  2. Make sure each day, or at least week, reflects the balanced nature of your goals - "all work and no play...," as they say! If you are spending too much time on your career your personal life and relationships will suffer.  
  3. Savor each task or chore.  This can be difficult.  If you dislike making calls it will be hard to savor the time you spend on this task at first.  But, if you find one or more positive aspect or result to making phone calls, you will better be able to appreciate this time spent. It may be something as simple as reminding yourself this might be THE employer/job for you.
  4. Acknowledge each step, especially the more challenging ones.  Many of us just don't give ourselves enough credit for what we do.  Take a moment and just breathe!  Give yourself a nod or a kind word.  Pat yourself on your back. You deserve it. 
By really being present, as much as possible, you will better be able to enjoy the little parts of your day that are often missed. You will also be more likely to see opportunities that you might not otherwise.  Imagine phoning an employer with a lack luster voice and being given the brush off by the receptionist vs you, at your best, being well received and finding the employer/job was even better than you hoped.  Which would you prefer?

What task or chore do you have a difficult time valuing? 

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