Monday, February 18, 2013


A career plan or goal is necessary if you want to move forward.  If you have not already done so, you can look at your labor market for ideas about career direction. 

Or, you can look at your previous jobs or employers. How you have felt (or in some cases still feel) can provide clues to the type of tasks, environment, supervisor, or position you might do well in.
Consider each and ask yourself some basic questions:

  1. Which job(s) did you like best and what specifically did you like most about each?
  2. How did you “land” your jobs in the – think about how you found them, interviewed and what got you the job offer.
  3. Which boss or supervisor did you like best and what specifically did you especially appreciate?
  4. In what settings and/or locations have you been most happy, satisfied, or rewarded?
  5. Are there opportunities for you with previous employers or careers that you may have missed or the timing may not have been right for at the time?
  6. What have you dreamed about doing in the past that you may have given up on or discarded?
  7. Have you ever admired someone else’s career path or job and thought, “Wow.  I would love to do that!”

As you note the answers to some of these questions a career goal or path may begin to shape itself out of what might seem to be unrelated bits of information. If it doesn't immediately, it may with some thought.

If not, consider talking to a professional.  I can’t count the times I have met with someone and after the first session have been able to suggest a few job targets that the client is excited about.  This doesn't need to be a time consuming or expensive prospect – check it out… you are worth it!

How can your past help you find a new career path or goal?  Comment below or email me! 

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