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FRIDAY FOLLOW UP January 11, 2013

Here are some great career related articles I shared this month....

Ed Han originally shared this post:
Who's got 2 thumbs and is hosting #HFchat today at noon NY time?

That's right: this guy!
Ed Han has been a part of the HireFriday movement since we launched in February 2010, and has been a steadfast supporter ever since. He's developed outstanding skills using LinkedIn, and how to levera...

Hannah Morgan originally shared this post:

Create your own webpage with curated content! Visually summaries of great information to share easily across your network!
I am going to be writing a future post with some thoughts on how an ordinary job seeker could use curating tools, but, today I wanted to show you what they look like. There are tons of options out the...

The Undercover Recruiter originally shared this post:
Why Your LinkedIn Company Page is STILL More Important than Your Website by @lisamarijones

THURSDAY THOUGHT Questions about interviewing are the hands down, #1 most asked career related questions I get. For the most part what the job seeker is asking is how do I turn an interview into ...

The Works Top #Job stories via @jobhuntorg+careerealism @vaugjoy @belle_juliette @Sologig  The Works, by Mary Sherwood Sevinsky: Top #Job Stories about #JobSearch,#Interviewing and #Career #Advice from leading #Experts on the web

Anita Bruzzese originally shared this post:
Common interview questions that you need to be prepared to answer.

LOVE this! Thanks Ed
Ed Han originally shared this post:
My LinkedIn tip for the day: the connection isn't the objective, it's just the starting point.

Hannah Morgan originally shared this post:
So you are ready to get social. You’ve decided that you can risk a little of your privacy. What will you do first to begin managing your online reputation? How can you use these tools to get a job? Yo...

The Works is out!  Top #Job Stories today via @AllInMyBusiness @TheLi_st @saudiemployment +CAREEREALISM 

Asking for feedback IS hard, but very important...
When it comes to feedback on you base it on just research or do you ask around? I was thinking of creating a simple form and sending it out to obtain feedback and looking for areas for improvement. 

Facts 'n' Myths originally shared this post:
Stop Smoking and Start Repairing

Sathya Prakash originally shared this post:
Summary of All Jobs.. :)

Sathya Prakash was tagged in this photo.

Jan 8, 2013 (edited)  -  
  -  Public
Everyone is invited to this public event.
Mon, January 14, 10:30 AM EST
Google+ Hangout
Are you going?

Join me Monday, January 14, 2013 at 10:30 to discuss your career concerns! 

A job seeker recently asked how to greet panel members in an interview he was anticipating. My answer: This is a little difficult to answer as it depends on so much! The level of the position, ho...

Karalyn Brown originally shared this post:
 5 Key Networking Tricks to Help Land You a Job
At this time of the year and all year long, networking is key to your job search success. You've heard of the hidden job market , but maybe you didn't know that it doesn't necessarily refer to hidden ...

J.T. O'Donnell originally shared this post:
What will the future hold for the traditional resume? Find out what the 'new' resume will be and how it will affect your job search.

Jan 8, 2013  -  Public
Hello friends - I am looking for reviews for my Thumbtack site, if I have helped you in the past with a resume and you could take a few moments to leave a review, that would be awesome! Thanks!
Post a review  If you have provided a review for my blog site I will transfer your kind words onto Thumbtack myself!:-)

J.T. O'Donnell originally shared this post:
Workplace attire for both men and women has changed over the years. Casual is in! Check out these tips for classy but casual work outfits.

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