Friday, December 28, 2012


For each of the twelve days of Christmas, I will share a principle or theme for you to focus on.
 For the fifth day of Christmas - Heart

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37 minutes ago
KWANZAA SELF-DETERMINATION AND JOB SEARCH. Self-determination. Encarta Dictionary defines self-determination as the ability or right to make your own decisions. As a job seeker you certainly have ...
21 hours ago
Unity. Encarta dictionary defines unity as singleness or constancy among individuals or groups. If you are looking for work you may feel more alone than unified! But, it is very important to go out of your way to connect with ...

Nov 21, 2012
The negative emotions can be especially magnified at holiday time when families join together and expect happy times. Well meaning friends and relatives often increase the sense of frustration and anger that can come with a ...
Dec 09, 2012
Labels: career advice, career change, career planning, career transition, celebrate, chanukah, Christmas, hanukkah, holiday, injured worker, job search, mature worker, over 50 ... ...
Mar 28, 2012

How do you cope with unemployment a during the holidays? Like any loss, a job loss results in grief. Inevitably you must mourn the loss of the job and all that it provided: Security, money, self-esteem, status, identity, etc.

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