Thursday, June 30, 2016

Resume and LinkedIn writing services

The reason you often hear that a one-page resume is preferred is that the employer often doesn't turn the page on the first pass. That is why I use a customized format for each client- all the important information is included on the first page, which can stand alone if necessary.  Expanded information can be provided on a second and even third page if necessary.

An employer will review your resume, at least, three times for three different reasons, so we want your resume to address to those three separate occasions:

#1 Deciding your resume goes in the
Keep or Discard Pile
#2 Deciding if you are an actual candidate
Pick me, pick me!
#3 When called for an interview – to write questions to ask or to refer to during the meeting

I could rebuild your resume for $150 or if you need help with a cover letter and LinkedIn I could offer you a package rate for all three for $250.  I am willing to negotiate if you need, but I think these are pretty good prices.  I suppose someone may offer you a lower price! I don't think anyone would give you better results. It all depends on what you are looking for...

Typically I have a one-week turnaround, but I have taken as long as a month if a customer needs it. I prefer to finish up as quickly as possible so my client can start the job search process, but sometimes while working together the client decides to change course! This is fine with me as it is sometimes just part of the career planning process.

Here is a short list of what you can expect from my resume writing process:

I will rebuild your resume and your image by ensuring the skills and abilities employers are looking for are highlighted as well as your achievements! I will also change the formatting, which is very easy to change if you don't like anything or if you would prefer something specifically.

My main goals are to:

1. Make your resume stand out from others.'
2. Make it easy for an employer to pick it up and very quickly see why you warrant a call for an interview!
3. Present your particular information in a way that is appropriate to your job target(s)
4. Use as much of your words from your original resume to keep it from sounding generic
5. Ensure you are happy with the result and comfortable discussing the contents with a potential employer!

After we are satisfied I will send to my assistant to review for consistency, grammar, etc…

I look forward to assisting you! We can get started today if you like. If you have other questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you for taking the time to consider me!

Mary Sherwood, MS, CDMS, CCM
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