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Job seekers who are currently unemployed need career guidance to address issues only they experience due to their unique situation.  I recently asked a client I am currently assisting to complete a brief survey about his job search concerns.  He was asked to list three answers for each question.  

Of special note, one of my clients wrote, "I feel there should be a websites for mature adults who have worked all their lives.  Give us a chance."  Very moving....There was no way I could turn my back on this request and created  On this website, you will find articles of interest to the unemployed.  Here you will find job search, resources, coping ideas, and other articles to help move you forward and put the work loss behind you. 

Here is what I asked my current clients – How would you answer?

What do you miss about working?

What are some of your biggest job search obstacles?

What are your biggest job search fears?

Most of the answers were along the lines of what I expected to hear - I have been counseling the unemployed for a long time... I want to assure you that you are not alone and what you are feeling is entirely normal!

Here are some of the answers I got to my brief survey:

What do you miss about working?

Being out in public and seeing people

Filling up my day with different activities

Earning money, having freedom, and independence

Having something to look forward to

Doing something I'm good at

What are some of your biggest job search obstacles? 

Use of my injured body part

Memory and concentration

Lack of skills

Finding a job in a new field or industry


What are your biggest job search fears?

Not being able to do the job


Not being able to make enough money

Not being hired

Learning new skills

I'd love to hear from you! Comment below....

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Read another great article: difficult doesn't mean impossible!

Let me know how you are doing or how I can help! 

Comment below or reach out. 

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