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If you are a professional, in business, or thinking about self-employment, you are no doubt online and have heard about the benefits of a LinkedIn Profile. You likely already have a profile started – now what? You may find yourself with more questions than answers!  If you weren't able to make today's presentation - keep an eye open at the Library's Inspiration Space; we may offer it again!  

Here is some basic info on how to use LinkedIn:

You will want to allow LInkedIn to invite people in your address book to connect when you get a chance.  You can easily edit or change anything you need to on your profile by clicking on that item directly (but let me know if you need me to change anything!).  You can see how you look to connections or to the public by clicking on the view profile button next  to your picture.  If you hover near the top a menu will appear with other choices of actions you can do.

To benefit from LinkedIn you will really need to start being more active and share information frequently – even if it is just sharing something someone else posts.  I always make sure to post lots of stuff my clients can share with their “connections” just to stay on their radar; it also helps attract new contacts as they find you via your similar posts.

For example,
you might share an article on career management from me one
of your connections may share it
That second may be someone who 
has an interest in managing his or her career
and would like to do business with you
but only found you via me, who has nothing to do with your industry!

More here:

Need More  - Why not let me help you with your LinkedIn Profile? Mary@Life-Works.Info

If so, join us for an Inspiration Space Class.  Download the flyer here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4q0m3am82ezv3pp/Gtown%20-%208-20-15%20LinkedIn%20for%20Business%20Flier.pdf?dl=0 

Thursday, August 20th 10:30 am - noon
Georgetown, DE Library
123 W. Pine Street

Simulcasts in Dover and Wilmington Libraries:

Dover, DE Library
35 E. Loockerman St.

Wilmington, DE Library
10 E.10th St.

TO REGISTER:  Contact Hope Ellsworth
302-222-3618 or hope.ellsworth@lib.de.us
Be sure to indicate the location you will be attending!

This session will spell out the LinkedIn Platform and how you and your business can benefit from using it effectively just a few minutes a day.   Included are
1.      Tips to make your Profile standout
2.      How to secure credibility and grow your network
3.      Understanding that your LinkedIn network is really a visible network and a hidden network
4.      Learning how to leverage your online presence to get more business
5.      Understanding the features that LinkedIn provides (and doesn’t)
I am not an employee of LinkedIn or affiliated with them in anyway.  Like you, I am a member, a member who appreciates what LinkedIn does for business. 

Course Objectives: 
1.      Understand the importance of employing LinkedIn to manage credibility, build a network and increase sales
2.      Understand the unique qualities, benefits, and limitations of the LinkedIn Platform
3.      Understand the importance of identifying and presenting strengths
4.      Understand the importance of targeting your audience and tailoring your Profile appropriately
5.      Learn the sections and settings available for use on LinkedIn and how to leverage them
6.      Learn how to compensate for weaknesses and capitalize on strengths
7.      Understand what factors aid in being found on LinkedIn
Learn the value of professional development available on LinkedIn



Mary is master’s-prepared and has over 18 years of experience in career assessment, counseling, and assisting career planners, job seekers, freelancers, professionals, and business owners in optimizing their brand, resume, LinkedIn Profile and social presence in general. 

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