Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Job Search Guide E-Book



Looking for a new job can be stressful even under the best of circumstances.  When you have experienced a life changing event, such as a downsizing or work related injury, job search can be especially challenging.  You are already experiencing a major life event which is compounded by the fact that there is little information and even fewer practical resources to help you…. Until Now!

This book will provide you with the basic information and resources that you need to get back to work after a work loss, injury or sudden disability of any sort. It combines information, worksheets for your use, and resources that you can use to get your life back.  Free online access to all exercises and resources and additional information is included.

If you are a career coach, vocational counselor or professional you will benefit from the third party validation provided as well as the resources, handouts, and exercises you can provide to your clients depending on their needs and where you are in your work with them.

Perfect for dislocated workers who haven't had to job search recently, new grads, moms, retirees, and veterans returning to the workforce, injured and disabled workers or anyone who has not been on the job market in the last few years. Practical, step by step advice with handouts, exercises, and resources. 

EARLY ORDER DISCOUNT:  This concise yet comprehensive guide has just been submitted for publishing and is available at a discounted rate for a limited time.  It will be available in the next few months on Amazon for $21, But you can buy either the entire book ($15) or specific sections ($5).    Read Excerpt Below.                                                   
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This book is a great tool for those who face the challenge of returning to the workforce, particularly after a life-changing injury. Career change can be a stressful time for anyone but for those who face the daunting task of overcoming physical barriers, the process can become overwhelming. This book provides assurance to those going through a similar situation and delivers a framework for the overall job search process. The author is very experienced and knowledgeable in this area and provides a simple guide for those who need a lot of instruction and guidance but also for those who are seeking some general advice. I would recommend this tool for anyone who faces the challenge of today's labor market and especially for those who will be overcoming new physical challenges.
Julie O, Vocational Counselor specializing in returning the unemployed to Work for 15 years

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This guide was developed for a job seeker to use on their own or with a vocational counselor, case manager or career coach. Read more:

Job Search for the Rest of Us!: Job Search Guide E-Book: JOB SEARCH FOR THE REST OF US INTERACTIVE GUIDE FOR JOB SEEKERS AND CAREER CHANGERS Looking for a new job can be stress...

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