Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Garden From Garbage
From Black Thumb Gardener
.... My new project! Unbelievable - My daughter, Hope sent me a link about a story sharing how you can grow food from kitchen scraps.  There are a number of articles online about this and all seem relatively simple.  

I read a number of them (click here for the whole list), but liked the one from Black Thumb Gardener as it listed 17 foods you can grow from scraps. Directions included.

Start with a list of produce you use a lot and read about how to grow those to start.  Supplies are simple:  Jars or pots, water, dirt, pebbles, and toothpicks is about as complicated as it gets.  I am feeling confident.

Personally, I am starting with onions, lettuce and celery since I have those on hand now. We also use them regularly, so it would be nice to have a bunch on hand.  Look for more about how this project progresses - I can wait to see!

What will you start with? 

Let me know!

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