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Many job seekers fear follow up.  Others just get stymied by the methods some employers use to block applicants from wreaking havoc on their workdays.  The hiring process is difficult for employers too!  They are running a business and performing their own duties.  In addition, now they are reviewing hundreds of resumes and fielding just as many calls.

If an employer says no phone calls, though, that may just mean he or she doesn't prefer phone contact. Certainly it
means they do not want every applicant to call and follow up on their resume submission.  As an applicant, you may need to get creative to ensure your application has reached the right person and to glean the information you need to secure an interview!

No phone calls does NOT mean no emails, faxes, or mail.  A postcard to a bus manager means they don't even have to open an envelope to read your message.  If an ad does not say no phone calls, you may still have difficulty determining who the hiring manager is, when interviews will begin, and how best to impress the employer. 

A receptionist or automated phone system may be "employed" (pardon the pun!) to keep you and your follow up efforts at bay.

To overcome an automated phone system try:
  •     Listening to a directory -- sometimes they provide titles!
  •     Pressing 0 for receptionist or # or * for other options
  •     If you have to leave a message do so:  This is FirstName LastName, a counselor, I am extremely interested in the ______ position and wanted to make sure that my application was received and to schedule an interview if possible.  My number is ___________.
To overcome a receptionist blocking you from the hiring manager.
  •     Butter her or him up - "Thank Heavens, finally, a friendly voice. I know it seems silly, but I don't trust the computer applications and I wanted to double check that my resume has been received by the right person.  Can you tell me who that is or put me in his or her voice mail?"
  •     If that doesn't work, ask if they know when interviewing or hiring will take place?  Anything at all they can share?
  •     If still blocking call back after hours and see what info is available on the automated system.
  •     If you reach a service or general voicemail.  Leave a message for the "Director" or other likely appropriate title and give your name and number and ask for a return call.
Again, if you really want the job (and it is appropriate for the setting and level of job you are looking for) dress for an interview and deliver your resume in person. Regardless of how you do it, following up will make you stand out from all the other applicants sitting at home submitting resume after resume online!
What kind of problems have you had following up?  Do you have any tips or tricks to share?  Comment below or email me!

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