Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Don't Quit Your Job Just Yet

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Do you have a job that you don't like?  Maybe it is to the point that you've had enough (for whatever reason(s)) and are ready for a change.  However, before quitting your job, consider this advice:

Think about it- What is your next move once you leave your current job?  If you do not have another job offer, it might be wise to keep your job.  This way you can still support yourself until a better opportunity comes along.

Timing is everything- Ask yourself if it's the right time to resign.  Can any important work be done without you, and is a smooth transition possible at the moment?

Review your contract- If you signed a contract of employment, what are the terms when it comes to quitting?  Even if you didn't sign a contract, make sure you understand the company policies for leaving your job, so you know exactly how the process works.

For more advice to consider before quitting your job, see the source below.

I hope you won't have to think about quitting a job.  If you do, give it some thought and make sure it's the right decision.  At a time when many people are unemployed, having a job is a blessing.

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