Friday, May 18, 2012

Who will pluck the chickens?

By Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Like many folks, I listen to talk radio to keep abreast of 
local news and issues.  Not long ago, a listener called
to weigh in on a favorite local issue:  Illegal immigration. 
This is not how most callers refer to the issue –
usually it is the Aliens (Martians perhaps?) or the 
Illegals that are referenced.  I am pretty sure by the 
emphasis used on either word that they are capitalized, 
bolded, italicized, and underlined in the minds of the 
people calling.

But, I digress!  One caller debating the relative merits,
even the necessity, of those in our country who are 
working (not necessarily legally able to do so) emphatically asked, “Who will pluck the chickens?!” A valid, frequently asked question here on The Delmarva….

Related to this issue are the 99 percenters.  I have been tempted just to send 
them a note and tell them “Get a job!”  It’s not that easy, I know. However, it is easier 
to obtain a job, pay off your debts and put food on the table if you are not camping 
illegally on public property for weeks on end. 

I don’t write about political issues, nor do I even comment or reply to any.  This article 
is not about political issues or concerns, but about Jobs.  Jobs people are or 
are not willing to do here, there, or anywhere.

Before getting to the topic at hand let me also note that a family member mentioned a friend 
was not able to get a job as a teacher.  I thought anyone could get a job as a teacher 
once they obtained their degree?  No, she said,her friend has been looking and looking and 
cannot find a job!  Where has she been looking? A very small town in Pennsylvania and MUST 
have very specific hours and days off…. Ah, is that all?

As a vocational consultant, I deal with these concerns from clients almost daily:
1.    Desire to work or no real desire to work
2.    Factors favoring ability to obtain work and those hindering ability to obtain work

Everyone has their limits and individual circumstances, to be sure.  I wouldn’t presume to discount them.  BUT, there are jobs out there.  If not an ideal position or one in the best location, there jobs available in other fields or locales.… Someone has to pluck the chickens after all!

If you do need to work then you may, considering the current labor market, need to reflect on how you think about employment.  If you do need to work, you may:

1.    Not be able to work in your chosen field or industry right now. 
2.    Have to consider relocating.
3.  Take a lower paying job ($10.00 per hour is better than $0.00)
4.  Have to hold more than one job.
5.    Not like any of the above.

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