Sunday, June 18, 2017

Highlighting your Achievements and Soft Skills will make you stand out

Here is a good and short article that helps to guide how you should approach writing details in your resume: in short it says:  "The key is to frame your strengths as: 'I accomplished X, about Y, by doing Z.”

Achievements:  Objective information about your abilities – Won Best Employee of the Year Award 3 out of 4 years OR Numbers based information about your abilities – Handled 40 accounts concurrently or reduced anticipated costs by 40% (more info here:

Soft Skills:  Qualities rather than skills - personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Can also include qualities that make you a good worker – Creative, Persistent, Problem Solver, Team Player, Leader, etc  (more info here:

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Know thyself: Some Tools for Self assessment

How rational are you?

Identify jobs based on your transferable skills:

Learn what skills and abilities matter to employers:

Learn about what you value in a work environment:

Learn about what is required for specific positions using the Skills Profiler:

Learn about Informational Interviewing:

Need help to ensure you are thinking about your goals clearly?

Feel like you need to learn more from past mistakes?

Ready to go with your short and long term goals?  Enter each step here: 

For more along these lines: 

Learn Essential Business Skills:

Learn better workplace communication skills:

Looking to learn a bit more:

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The Hidden Job Market - a picture really is worth a thousand words

Hard and Soft Skills are what will set you apart from the competition

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Job Search Driving You Crazy? Use a job search schedule

Sticking to a job search schedule can really help you get results from your job search.  One of the biggest complaints I hear from job seekers is that they get little or no positive feedback for all of the time they spend job searching.  They typically are spending their valuable time applying online to positions...only!

This can be very disheartening, to say the least!  Not only do employers not often provide positive feedback - often they don't even have an auto-responder.  A job seeker may think their resume is being reviewed when it might never have been received. 

Follow-up is a great way to get both positive feedback and ensure your resume has been received. You may even get to schedule an interview. Varying your job search activities will keep you from feeling as if you are hitting your head against the wall on a daily basis.  Click the link above to download your free Job Search Schedule. 

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